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Date: 9/26/2020
Subject: Proposed By-Law Changes
From: Donald L Phillips, Jr.

The OBOA By-Laws Committee, led by Director-at-Large James Decker, will be bringing forward proposed changes to the OBOA By-Laws at a membership meeting, either in person, virtual, or a combination of the two the week of November 20, 2020, possibly on November 16. 
Per Article VII, Section A, these proposed changes are to be sent to each member not less than 15 days prior to the vote taken or the ballots counted.
Please review these changes and on behalf of the OBOA Board of Directors, we ask for your support.
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OBOA By-Laws Committee Report - 2020-11-16
Proposed OBOA By-Law Changes - 2020-11-16
To see the current By-Laws in its entirety, please follow this link:
A word about the proposed dues increase.
OBOA has not raised dues since 2013, effective 2014, when it was raised from $15 per member per year for joint membership to $20 per member per year. The proposed change raises the dues to $25 per member per year. Over the last couple of years, OBOA has implemented many technological innovations to better serve its members.  These technologies come at a cost and these costs are rising each year.  2020 also brought us rapid use of this technology in order to even function during a time of a world-wide pandemic.  Here is a sample list of the technology used:
  1. GoToMeeting. OBOA purchased a license for this on-line virtual meeting platform, and camera hardware, to provide its members the ability to join the OBOA Board of Directors Meetings. In 2020, this software is used weekly by OBOA and its component chapters to have meetings and conduct classes. Although not perfect, OBOA would not have been able to function during the spring lockdown, and many members would not have been able to attend classes.
  2. ClubExpress. This powerful membership management platform instituted in late 2019 is still being understood. As we learn more and more what it can do, we have been doing more for our members.  By now you should have noticed a vastly increased amount of communication from OBOA, and similarly easier communication by our component chapters to its members.  It allows you, in one place, join, pay fees and dues, sign up for classes, register for conferences, and see upcoming events. We have a lot more work to do so bear with us.
  3. Credit cards. For many years we heard from members the desire to pay by credit card.  With the advent of ClubExpress, we can finally provide that service.  However, there is a cost.
  4. Software. As the world continues to get more complicated, and software like ClubExpress allows us to harvest more data, our software needs can no longer be met by our member jurisdictions limited software choices that we use, like Microsoft Office. In 2020, OBOA purchased a license for QuickBooks Online. OBOA will be purchasing Microsoft 365 Basic licenses for storage of our dynamic files in a central, cloud-based location, and increase communication between the officers including the use of Teams and SharePoint.
These are some of the many innovative things OBOA has been doing the last few years. We ask you to consider supporting the dues increase.
A final word - If members approve the increase, and renew their membership before December 31, 2020, the old joint membership dues of $20 would still apply. Regardless of the result of the vote on this by-law change, we encourage you to renew before the end of the year. 
Donald L. Phillips, Jr., P.E.
Ohio Building Officials Association